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Diane Huebert, M.C., R.Psych.

**During this time of social distancing online/telephone sessions are available.**

Diane Huebert, M.C., R.Psych.

& Depth Therapist

Hello and Welcome,

With life's ongoing changes there are times when assistance in tackling a challenge could be helpful... 

Whether this search arises from a need for objective eyes through which to view a circumstance or to simply find a place for self-exploration/reflection, as a psychologist and therapist, I seek to...

  • Provide a safe space to gain perspective;

  • Explore avenues previously not considered;
  • Provide strategies to assist an individual, couple, or family make the necessary adjustments

Areas of practice:

  • Depth Work - explore underlying structures

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Trauma - acute and/or developmental
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Life Transitions
  • Inherited Family Trauma
  • Substance Use and Addictions Issues
  • Workplace challenges
  • Matters of Soul and deep process

...through a diverse therapeutic approach that is applicable with varying world-views.

I welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss your individual situation. Please go to the Contact Us page and use the phone number or message sheet provided to contact me. I would be pleased to discuss the services offered and to arrange a consultation.